To the Editor:

Apr 292004

The messages in the political cartoons are whiney. Most

cartoonists prefer to make some kind of statement or criticism

about the status quo, but the Collegian’s cartoons are extremely

superficial in that they are whiney complaints with little or no

thought-provoking content.

Whatever attempts made at this are done so with taking the

simple complaint and extrapolating it to a broad circumstance, as

in Thursday’s “parent-child bonding” caption. College is expensive,

and it has been for a very long time and will continue to be for an

even longer time. It’s part of life, and I don’t think that the

Collegian and its cartoonists should be of the position that

whining complaints and superficial analyses can justify an

indication of the “terrible, putrid” system we live in when it’s

actually quite nice and worthy of our pride.

I personally expect much more from a collegiate newspaper, even

in the pithy cartoons.


David Okada

Freshman, speech communication, music

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To the Editor:

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Apr 292004

I am responding to the article “Owners held accountable.” I have

worked in different humane societies across Colorado for more than

five years. I have seen a lot of aggressive dogs. I have seen many

aggressive pit bulls, but I have seen more of the nice ones. Every

dog that I have seen that was aggressive had one thing in common:

an ignorant owner. Anyone can make a dog mean.

The best example of this is a black Lab named Midnight.

Midnight’s owners would take him to a store and leave him in the

back of a truck; he would jump out and attack little boys as they

walked by. Every time Midnight would attack someone, he would come

to the humane society on dangerous-animal charges. The courts that

handle the case would always award the dog back to the owner

because “he was a Lab, and they don’t attack people.” Well, the

third time he attacked, he put a 6-year-old boy through 27 hours of

plastic surgery on his face and arms.

The problem with pit bulls is the media. The media portrays

these dogs to be “aggressive.” So anyone who needs to look “bigger”

gets one to impress their friends. Like any dog breed the problem

comes when the owners are not smarter than the dog. Pit bulls are a

very strong breed; when they bite they do a lot of damage. When you

mix these two issues together it is a deadly combination. By

banning a breed, it will not solve the problem. It just takes away

the good dogs in that breed. We need to judge the dogs on how they

behave, not the breed.

Teresa Clark

Senior, animal science

 Posted by at 5:00 pm