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Apr 282004
Authors: Gabriel Dance

Classic oldies start a week that is highlighted by punk-rock and

great local shows and ends with some peace, love and hip-hop.

Remember that scene in Billy Madison when he rolls up to high

school, gets out of his car, leans on the hood and pops up his

collar on his jean jacket? Remember the shirt he was wearing,

paying tribute to classic rockers REO Speedwagon? Damn, he was

cool, and so is REO Speedwagon who is performing tonight with .38

Special at “The Keg” aka the Budweiser Events Center. This is a

great example of a band that has just kept on rockin.’

Friday night features two great shows at local Fort Collins

venues. The Pat McGee Band is performing at the Aggie and Los

Lonely Boys will be kickin’ out the jams at the Starlight.

The Pat McGee Band has really taken off in the past several

years and according to the official Web site Pat is having the best

time he can remember, so it should be an excellent show.

Los Lonely Boys are really an interesting microphone check. The

three brothers play what they call “Texican rock ‘n’ roll.” It’s

not Texas, it’s not Mexican, that’s right it’s Texican.

Saturday brings two very different but popular acts to Denver.

Blink 182 has blown up into one of the most popular acts on tour.

With widespread, devoted fans and successive hits, they have shown

that they have the longevity to stay on top of a music scene that

has more than its share of one-hit wonders. They’re performing with

Cypress Hill and Taking Back Sunday at Coors Amphitheater,

previously known as Fiddler’s Green. Cypress Hill is nasty too, so

this should be a good show.

Also performing at Cervantes in Denver on Saturday night is

Andrew WK. Many of you will remember Andrew WK from his first album

which featured a shot of his face with blood streaming down the

front. You’ll be happy to know that his most recent release, “The

Wolf,” once again features his face, but this time, blood-free. It

looks like he didn’t get his ass kicked on the way to the album

shoot-good for him.

Wednesday night the Starlight will play host to a trio of

hip-hop artists. Dirty D, Cyqul and Insight will be laying their

lyrics on the line for the FC hip-hop loyalists to hear. Dirty D

has some catchy hooks and Insight seems to be on the edge of

something good. And with Insight’s slogan being “Peace, Love and

Hip Hop,” it’s right to give props to somebody who puts a positive

spin on a genre that all too often has negative connotations.


Look for an exclusive interview with Pat McGee of the Pat McGee

band in next week’s Dish.

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