To the Editor:

Apr 282004

In Wednesday’s “Our View” column the editorial board wrote about

the NYU student that lived his school’s library for six months

until the library found out, at which point the school gave him

free housing. It is your view that you hope students at CSU feel

that our school would help us out in the same way.

I don’t feel that it should be the university’s obligation to

provide every student that camps out in Morgan Library free

housing. College is expensive for many reasons, one of which is to

prepare students for the real world. I have never heard of someone

driving under a bridge, picking up a homeless person and then

buying them an apartment.

If you can’t afford to pay for tuition at CSU, get loans. If you

can’t get loans, go to University of Northern Colorado. And if you

can’t afford UNC, work for a while until you can afford it. But

please do not live in the Morgan Library.

Mark Danbom

Sophomore, accounting

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