To the Editor:

Apr 262004

I’m writing in response to Chris Ortiz’s story on the city

increasing the fine for a noise violation. First of all having

received two violations myself and had countless friends who have

also received violations, I think the law is 100 percent bunk.

Since the law is a subjective ruling on the part of the police

officer at the scene it becomes nothing more then the police’s word

against the offender’s word. In that situation who is the judge

going to side with? In my experience it is impossible to fight one

of these violations because every time the judge is going to side

with the police officer.

I think this law is simply a way for the city of Fort Collins to

tax students. How can the city justify this increase when the

number of noise complaints has gone down? I would like to know how

much revenue the city gets a year from noise violations and where

that money is going. If students are going to be unfairly taxed

then we should at least have a say in where the money goes.

Nathan Robertson

Senior, computer science

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To the Editor:

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Apr 262004

It is my opinion that the headline article of Wednesday’s

Collegian (“Man attempts theft at library”) missed the mark. As CSU

students, we should take responsibility for the security of our own


In the real world, the theft of carelessly unattended belongings

should be attributed to that person’s stupidity alone. It is

unfortunate that such crimes occur, but in no way is the library

staff to be blamed for such incidents. In fact, the library has

previously taken preventative measures by posting fliers around the

building that instruct students to take care of their


In conclusion, as a concerned student, I ask the student body to

step up and take responsibility for its own belongings and to look

out for the safety of our fellow classmates. I would also

appreciate better judgment from the Collegian staff to report

issues with accuracy regarding the circumstances and the true cause

of such situations.

Krista Davies

Senior, chemistry

 Posted by at 5:00 pm