Apr 262004
Authors: Jamie Way

A key player in the mid-1990s Whitewater investigation visited

Fort Collins Monday to speak at a Republican fundraising event.

Kenneth Starr spoke at the Republicans’ Lincoln Day Dinner

Fundraiser Monday evening, held at the Holiday Inn south of


Starr, and other Republican candidates who were eager to discuss

issues, attracted approximately 350 people.

During the dinner, Starr spoke about judges and their proper

judicial role in school choice and answered questions on a range of

topics before the evening’s official events began.

“(Starr) is working with Bob Schaffer and some of those folks on

some of the school-choice issues in Colorado,” said Kristin

Howerton, external vice chairperson of the Larimer County

Republican Party.

Since Starr’s involvement as independent counsel in the

investigation of the Whitewater real estate scandal, he has been

teaching law classes at a variety of universities. He will soon

become the dean of law at Pepperdine University.

Although Starr has recently been working on the issue of school

choice, he did not limit his discussion to this topic. He discussed

everything from homosexual marriage to treaties with foreign


“… We (Republicans) tend to believe strongly in freedom and a

free market,” Starr said.

On the issue of economic treaties, Starr emphasized that the

United States should practice caution.

“We should be careful. We should be cautious,” Starr said.

“That’s not to say we shouldn’t be good partners.”

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