Apr 262004
Authors: Danielle Rubio

As early as spring 2006, CSU students may notice something

different about the Lory Student Center.

The city of Fort Collins and CSU are working to bring an

estimated $6.8 million renovation to the student center, with the

focus being on a new and improved transit center, said Project

Manager Cass Bietler.

The $6.8 million would come from a Federal Transit Authority

grant to the city of Fort Collins. About $4.4 million of that grant

has been secured, said Michael Ellis, director of the student


If funding goes through, the project will add approximately

14,000 square feet to the student center and approximately 6,000

square feet of renovated area, Ellis said. He hopes the renovation

will bring “more attractiveness” to campus.

But the major reason for the change is the transportation.

“We hope it will promote more public transportation,” Bietler

said. “The students are the ones who use (the buses) the most.”

The proposed three-story addition will include several new

amenities, including a transit center office, a lobby and a

three-story atrium. The design will also be environmentally

friendly, possibly receiving certification from the Leadership in

Energy and Environmental Design as a Green Building System.

“It will be the first LEED-certified building at CSU,” Bietler


The project will also mean adjustments for the organizations

that are currently in construction’s path. Offices that may be

relocated during construction are the Office for Service Learning

and Volunteer Program’s and the Outdoor Adventure Program office.

Both would be temporarily relocated and placed back into the

remodeled area when construction is complete.

“It will be hard,” said Rodney Ley, assistant director of the

OAP. “We may have to scale back on services.”

But Ley is confident that most of the program’s services will

still be available during the transition period. He said the

program may have to cope by sponsoring events that do not require

too much space, such as films and speakers.

If funding is provided, the construction for the project will

begin no earlier than spring of 2005, Ellis said.

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