Apr 262004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff


Shandra Jordan

Colleen Buhrer

Kyle Endres

Willow Welter

Anything can be dangerous. The majority of serial killers are

men. Does that mean we should all be cautious around men or that

they should not be allowed to live in certain apartment complexes?

No, most men are very nice. They turn out to be serial killers for

unknown reasons, but certainly environmental situations or mental

illness plays into it.

We have a hard time accepting the proposition that any breed of

dog – be it pit bull or Irish setter – is genetically predisposed

to be mean. Certainly, there are some mean pit bulls. Maybe they

were abused or maybe they just have a hormone imbalance, but the

same could be true of a poodle or golden retriever.

Owners should be responsible for knowing if their dogs are

dangerous and taking appropriate precautions, but this fact does

not call for an overbroad generalization that all (certain breed of

dog) are mean and should be banned from, for example, the city of

Denver, as they were until recently (see today’s front-page


It is up to an apartment complex if it doesn’t want to allow

certain breeds or sizes, but a city or state making the same

decision is overbroad and not based on sufficient fact.

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