Apr 252004
Authors: Jamie Way

The Green Party’s $1,200 state budget does not allow for a lunch

on the Royal Gorge Route train like the Democrats’, and it will not

be held in a venue as large as the City Lights Pavilion, like the

Republicans’ assembly, but the Greens still find a way to attend to


The Green Party held its state convention in a Mennonite

Fellowship where Greens had the opportunity to listen to two of

their presidential hopefuls speak.

“If what I do helps defeat John Kerry, I can live with that,”

said Kent Mesplay, a presidential hopeful.

Mesplay said that while he may be the underdog, he believes the

Green Party has a chance to win in the presidential election if he

recruits a high-profile running mate.

“We can win,” Mesplay said. “I know it sounds absolutely

impossible. I’m reaching out to people who are frustrated with the


Mesplay said that he had already asked Erin Brockovich to be his

running mate, and although she was flattered, she declined because

of time constraints.

Sunny Maynard, a Denver Green, said she had been having problems

recruiting members because people often blame the Green Party for

President Bush being elected.

“Now, when you try to register a Democrat as a Green, they can

be downright hostile,” Maynard said. “The Democrats are as wedded

to corporate money as the Republicans.”

Maynard said the party system that is currently in place does

not constitute a two-party system.

“We don’t really have a two-party system. We have a corporate

party,” Maynard said. “We’re the second party. The problem is

getting the word out.”

Bob Kinsey officially received the Colorado Green Party’s

endorsement to run against Republican Marilyn Musgrave in the race

for the U.S. Congressional House seat for district four.

Jason Rosenholtz-Witt of the University of Northern Colorado

Greens came to the convention to represent his organization as it

becomes The Greeley Greens. He said that the Green Party has the

greatest effect on the local levels of government.

“Really important decisions get made on that level,”

Rosenholtz-Witt said. “It’s basically starting from the inside


The Greeley Greens are comprised of 10 core members, although

its mailing list has about 75 members.

“We’re the only campus Green Party in the state,”

Rosenholtz-Witt said. “I would love for there to be a CSU Green

Party, so we could work together on issues.”

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