Back to our roots

Apr 252004
Authors: Danielle Rubio

Participants of Saturday’s Earth Day celebration received

information about environmental issues while being entertained by

local bands such as the Three Peas and Wasabi.

Various booths offered snacks and organizations provided

information on environmental issues.

“It’s a good time and place to heal,” said Shannon Clay, a

freshman watershed sciences major. “It’s a good place to get back

to our roots.”

The celebration included various booths set up with different

information from companies like New Belgium Brewing Co., Wild Oats

and the Sierra Club.

Visitors also had the opportunity to sign petitions and discuss

issues with organizations.

“Today is important because it reminds people that every day is

Earth Day,” said Joe Ramagli, senior philosophy and religion major

who also played a role in planning the event.

Ramagli had help planning and working the event from Action

Awareness, of which he is also a member. Funding came from student

fees from the Associated Students of CSU, donations and the

businesses and organizations that hosted booths.

Ramagli said Fort Collins does a good job of providing

information on environmental issues but that there were still

plenty of people who needed to become more aware.

“Fairs like this are important forms of communication,” said

Bruce Henderson, a volunteer for the Sierra Club. “It raises

people’s awareness on alternative energy and food sources.”

From massages to face painting, there was something for everyone

– including plenty of running space for the massive number of dogs

present. Visitors could also get their hands in the earth by making

mud balls, which contained seeds and could be planted.

Whatever the reason for coming, visitors went home with a

message. Katie Hadad, sustainable built environment major at Naropa

University in Boulder, thought that message was well delivered.

“The day educated people of all ages on the acknowledgment of

inter-connectedness of all living things.”

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