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Apr 222004
Authors: Gabriel Dance

Promising talent and proven skill provide the entertainment over

the next couple of days, with a weekend featuring an artist of

legendary talent on tap.

When Big Head Todd and the Monsters came through town in

February, there was really one person in particular who stole the

show. Hazel Miller’s strikingly powerful vocals impressed fan and

critic alike. Get a chance to see her in another setting with John

Alex-Mason at the Soiled Dove this Saturday. Really, for anybody

who is interested in exceptionally talented vocalists, this should

be a priority.

Sunday night brings a phoenix of rock, David Bowie, to the

Budweiser Events Center in Loveland. David Bowie, aka Ziggy

Stardust, has been dropping hits from interstellar galaxies

everywhere, including the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. This guy has

redefined and reintroduced himself so many times he must have been

a magician in a past life.

Monday night check out Split Lip Rayfield at the Starlight in

Old Town. This group has a guitar, mandolin, banjo and bass. They

are what most would categorize as a mother-pluckin’ good time. If

bluegrass makes you tap your foot, then come stomp out a beat at

this show.

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