Apr 222004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff


Shandra Jordan

Colleen Buhrer

Patrick Crossland

Kyle Endres

Christopher J. Ortiz

The police department in North Miami have dropped the swimming

requirement for new officers in the effort to recruit more

African-Americans because, apparently “They have been intimidated

because (African-Americans) don’t swim. Very few of them swim,” as

the mayor of the city said, adequately.

This entirely white editorial staff was unaware of this

stereotype, but its offensiveness is still detrimental.

Organizations should not make or change policies based on

stereotypes and we hope the mayor and the police department has

issued an apology.

Earlier this month, former Notre Dame football player, Paul

Hornung made the comment that the school must ease up on its

academic restrictions because, “we gotta get the black athlete. We

must get the black athlete if we are going to compete.”

It seems we really haven’t made much progress when statements

like these making very general and degrading comments about

African-Americans, Hispanics and other ethics groups are coming

from the mouths’ of community leaders.

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