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Apr 212004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff


Colleen Buhrer

J.J. Babb

Christopher J. Ortiz

Today, CSU President Larry Penley is being officially

inaugurated as the 13th president of CSU.

Penley’s rookie year was, in our opinion, productive and

successful. He had to follow after the hugely popular Albert C.

Yates, who served CSU for 13 years and is also responsible for

making CSU the research flagship institution it is today and

expanding the CSU System – not the easiest act to follow.

Though we may be quick to congratulate Penley on his first year,

it is hard to distinguish between his success and rollover from

Yates’ term.

But from our interaction with Penley, we have found him to be

very approachable. He has taken measures to met with members of

Associated Students of CSU and with Student Media. We appreciate

his emphasis on research, diversity and fundraising. As we

understand, he has worked closely with members of the legislature

to ensure CSU’s budget is as secure as possible.

Administration members have said that Penley was quick in

understanding the role of CSU as a land-grant institution and the

budget crisis the university is facing.

We do question, however, how much pomp and circumstance is

necessary for the inauguration after Penley has already served a

year – a year full of budget cuts and positions not being filled.

Putting on an event in Moby Arena is not cheap, and some of that

money could be used for other purposes. But we do understand how

events such this one can impress alumni and prospective donors.

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