To the Editor:

Apr 212004

Brian Zimpfer fails to mention a few things in his April 20

letter to the editor. He starts by saying that it did not take

Clinton four years to fix the recession he inherited. However, he

leaves out the fact that he did not have to deal with the worst

terrorist attack in American history, and the two wars that

followed. Then he goes on to say that the president has not “fixed”

the economy, which is completely untrue (tax cuts work!).

Zimpfer needs to know that while Clinton is not completely

responsible for the Sept. 11 attacks, he is responsible for

restricting the CIA and FBI’s ability to do their job adequately.

These restrictions may have made it easier for the terrorists to

carry out the attacks. Like so many people, he also fails to

realize that Iraq is part of the war on terrorism. Finally, he goes

on to say that Bush owes us an apology, which shows that he is

hypocritical. He did not say that Clinton needed to apologize for

the first World Trade Center bombing (which he does not), the

bombing of the USS Cole, or the embassies in Africa. Should we have

demanded that Roosevelt apologize for Pearl Harbor? Under Zimpfer’s

fuzzy logic we should have.


Brian Mallory

CSU Graduate

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