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Authors: Adrienne Hoenig

Today students are reminded to use renewable energy sources, use

plastic containers instead of Styrofoam and be aware of the

environment in which they live.

Today is Earth Day. For more than 40 years, many people have

devoted this day to making an extra effort to preserve the


“We view Earth Day as just a day for people to remember that

Earth is one big community and people are a part of that,” said

Nicole Timmons, educational specialist at CSU’s Environmental

Learning Center. The ELC is hosting Earth Fest all week, with

events ranging from environmental speakers to bird banding, a

system of monitoring birds in Northern Colorado to track their


Several other groups on campus and around Fort Collins are

pitching in today and throughout the weekend to teach people how to


“We’re having a celebration of Earth Day to remind everybody

that every day is Earth Day,” said Joe Ramagli, a senior philosophy

student and member of Action Awareness. “We need to be doing

everything we can do to live a sustainable daily life.”

Action Awareness is hosting a celebration Saturday at City Park

with bands, food and informational booths. The group is hoping for

a big turnout.

“Last year there were 600 people,” Ramagli said. “We’re

expecting about 1,000 people this year.”

The Lory Student Center Commons will be home to more than 30

organizations today with something to say about saving the

environment. Mayor Ray Martinez will also make a proclamation.

“We’re trying to gear it more toward the students who might not

(usually celebrate Earth Day),” said Britta Schroeder, an

Associated Students of CSU senator who is helping coordinate Earth

Day celebrations on campus. “It’s not so much a global

save-the-planet thing, but local everyday kind of things.”

Organizations ranging from CSU Recycling to the Sierra Club will

showcase environmentally friendly items like hybrid cars and

energy-saving light bulbs.

“We’re trying to get people to realize there are things that

they can do in their everyday routines,” Schroeder said. “It’s all

their choice.”

Organizers hope that Earth Day promotions have a lasting effect

on students.

“We’re trying to reach people,” Ramagli said. “We have to be

consistent with our theories and make them into practices.”

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