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Authors: Elizabeth Kerrigan

Fort Collins’ claim to fame is definitely the amount and variety

of local restaurants that consume the streets of this town. This

town is home to a plethora of culturally diverse and eclectic

cuisines, some formal and some casual. There are so many to choose

from that it can truly be overwhelming to decide exactly what’s


Bisetti’s Italian Restaurant (120 S. College Avenue)

Bisetti’s is by far the best Italian restaurant in Fort Collins.

With its newly-remodeled atmosphere they brought a little piece of

Italy and stuck it right in the middle of historic Old Town.

Famous for their house wine, Parmigania, and award-winning

desserts, Bisetti’s is a great place to enjoy amazing appetizers

and the best Italian entrees this side of the Mississippi.

It has a hint of formal dining mixed with a laid back atmosphere

of a restaurant that has been a long-time dweller of Fort Collins.

This is one Italian restaurant that no one should miss out on.

Pho Duy Vietnamese Restaurant (902 W. Drake Road, Bldg #1)

Pho Duy gives Fort Collins residents a chance to experience

traditional Vietnamese food that would otherwise be hard to find.

Their quiet and semi-formal atmosphere offers a peaceful and

relaxing experience.

When attending this restaurant, it is recommended to take in as

many different tastes as a person can order, this means not passing

on the appetizers. Chao Tom, which is rice paper rolls with grilled

shrimp on sugar and vegetables, is just one example of an appetizer

with an unmatchable taste.

For an entr�e, adding your choice of anything from pork

to crab meat to a noodle bowl is a great way to design a filling,

yet healthy meal for dinner.

First things first though, before enjoying your meal, plan on

brushing up on your chopstick skills; at Pho Duy, there is no such

thing as a fork and knife. Not to worry, a very fast and

considerable staff is willing to teach beginners.

LaLuz Mexican Grill (200 Walnut St.)

This is the ultimate diamond in the rough. Considered by locals

to be one of the most treasured secrets of Fort Collins, LaLuz is

amazing for lunch or a quick dinner.

Don’t be fooled by the casual setting, this Mexican grill offers

nothing but the freshest of the fresh. They own no freezers and no

microwaves; everything is brought in fresh that day and made to


They are most famous for their incredible fish tacos and

award-winning salsa bar, but their quesadillas and burritos are

nothing to pass up. There are so many delicious combinations that

there is no such thing as a bad choice here.

So if spectacular Mexican is on your mind, roll up your sleeves,

dig in and plan on becoming a LaLuz customer for life. There is

just nothing like it.

The Spicy Pickle, Sandwich Shop (123 N. College Avenue)

Fort Collins is home to a surplus of sandwich shops, all of

which are amazing, but one of the newest additions to this category

is The Spicy Pickle. A taste of heaven between two slices of bread

is exactly what this sandwich joint serves. Perfect for a relaxing

lunch in an informal environment, this pickle’s game is all about

fast and friendly service.

Many of their sandwiches have gourmet ingredients not usually

found on subs at other shops and they serve three types of grub:

subs, salads and Paninis, a hot-pressed, grilled sandwich served on

focaccia bread.

The best thing about this place is that designing your own

sandwich becomes an art form, especially because there are

ingredients like sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, roasted

eggplant and, of course, spicy pickles to choose from. Add to that

your favorite deli meat, chips and a drink and it’s a meal fit for

lunch heaven.

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