Bike theft on the rise

Apr 212004
Authors: Adrienne Hoenig

Students had better make sure their bikes are locked up,

according to CSU police.

There have been 36 bike thefts reported to the CSU Police

Department so far this month. This number towers in comparison to

previous years. In 2003, 93 bikes were reported stolen during the

entire year. In 2002, 119 bike thefts were reported.

“On campus we’re getting hammered pretty good,” said Capt. Bob

Chaffee of CSUPD. “What we’re hoping to do is get the community


CSUPD officers have been keeping a closer eye on bike racks the

past few weeks to try and dissuade or catch bike thieves. They are

hoping students and faculty will also pay special attention to

anyone suspiciously lingering near bike racks and report any tips


The last time such a large number of bikes were stolen in a

short time period was the summer of 2002.

“The last time this happened, it was people selling them to pawn

shops for drug money,” said Joan Williams, records manager for

CSUPD. “It was a huge case. We recovered like 50 bikes.”

CSUPD was able to recover the bikes thanks to a community tip.

Chaffee is urging the community to respond similarly to this rash

of bike thefts.

“We get a lot more bang for our buck if the community calls us

(with tips),” Chaffee said.

Chaffee also recommends that bikers take extra care when locking

their bikes. Bikes are safest with a u-lock or a super-strong cable

lock, or a combination of the two, Chaffee said.

Brian Lohrey, a junior human development student, had his bike

stolen when he left it locked up outside Moby Arena for about an

hour on the morning of April 6.

“I really had never thought of someone stealing my bike,” Lohrey

said. “It was a real shock. I was really mad.”

Since his bike was stolen, Lohrey has had to ride his skateboard

or get rides from friends to get around. He still has not recovered

his bike, but he has not stopped looking.

“I’ve been looking every time I go on campus on bike racks and

stuff,” Lohrey said. “I just hope whoever stole it is going to use

it and not just let it sit there because I would have used it.”

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