To the Editor:

Apr 202004

To start off, I resent being called a hypocrite (Letters to the

Editor, April 20), but that is not the issue I wish to discuss. As

an economics major I find it humorous that President Bush is

currently being blamed for our economic situation while former

President Clinton is given credit for the good economy we recently


These are just not the cases. In reality it was former President

Reagan and his economic thought that we must thank for the

unprecedented growth in the late ’90s and into the new millennium.

Most economists agree that Reaganomics is the cause of the past

expansionary economy, but most ordinary citizens tie this growth to


We live in an instant gratification society. Because of this, a

common citizen makes the mistake of equating the current situation

with the current president. The truth is that we are in the

situation we are in now because of the business cycle, and no one

can throw the cycle out of office.

Furthermore, I also disapprove of being lectured on the

principles of economics by students whose expertise falls outside

of the economic realm. It is infuriating to see a freshman equine

science major, or a computer science major, tell me about how the

economy works. If the issue dealt with presidential computer

illiteracy or a national grain crisis I would look to you for your

educated opinion, but as it stands I feel comfortable to make my

own assessment of the issue.

Michael Klein

Junior, economics

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To the Editor:

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Apr 202004

On Monday after reading your heartbreaking article on David

Hernandez, I turned the page and was floored at what I saw. In

green print was an advertisement for Cheba Hut that had a rear shot

of four girls clearly in white thongs. I was completely horrified

that this was allowed in the Collegian.

I realize that this is a college newspaper, but that doesn’t

excuse the fact that this kind of degradation is allowed. Some

people will argue, as they have with the Janet Jackson incident,

that Americans are uptight about nudity compared to our “higher”

European brothers and sisters. I think it’s ludicrous to abandon

all morals and allow sexual provocative nature on our TV or


There was no ‘artful’ use of nudity in the advertisement, just

low-brow sexual images of college girls in thongs stating “Let us

toast your buns.” I’m offended on many levels. Being a 19-year-old

male, I’m told by the media and our MTV generation, that all men

like me are extreme sex addicts, who fascinate daily on how to get

a woman in bed. Personally, I seem to be among the few portrayed

that actually value sex as a sacred act between a woman and a man.

By having women’s naked butts portrayed as advertisement, it’s

astonishing to think that just because I have a penis, I will

appreciate their advertisement.

As a person who has many female friends, the Collegian Monday

proved to us, that women’s body image is important and should be

stressed to gain an advantage. I could go on and on about this

topic but I feel this is a continual trend that proves to me more

and more that our morals are in deep decline.

Myself and other college students I’ve talked to about this

advertisement are now seriously questioning the morale of the

Collegian paper in general after stooping so low to allow this

advertisement printed. I fear that the pursuit of money-making

opportunities will blind some editors into making further choices

such as this. As I’m pursuing my technical journalism degree, I can

only hope that I’m not the only one in the department that feels

that there should be some ethics that must be held on to.

Tim Pennington

Sophomore, open option

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