Apr 202004
Authors: Jamie Way

After serving as a Marine, teacher and clergyman, Bob Kinsey is

moving north searching for another chance to serve. This time he

has his eyes set on Marilyn Musgrave’s U.S. Congressional House

district four seat.

Kinsey had originally planned on running against Tom Tancredo,

but when he discovered that Musgrave was running uncontested, he

decided running against her is what he needed to do.

Kinsey is asking for the disgruntled Republicans, those who have

given up on the political process, and Democrats, who do not have a

candidate running against Musgrave, to support his campaign. He

said that he thinks he will be taken seriously, even though

district four is a traditionally conservative district.

“Green Party principles are very conservative,” Kinsey said.

He is more than happy to discuss any issue, and plans to

concentrate on topics such as health care, sustainable energy,

opposing nuclear weapons production and creation of jobs.

“The people that are doing the work in our society are being

constantly squeezed by corporations in the name of competition,”

Kinsey said.

Although the Green Party has not yet formally endorsed Kinsey,

Eric Fried a member of the Steering Committee for the Poudre Valley

Greens, said that the nomination is a technicality.

“I think he’s a great candidate,” Fried said. “He’s articulate

and passionate.”

Fried said that the people of district four might not be

familiar with the Green platform.

“People have a stereotype that the Green Party is a bunch of

tie-dyed hippies eating granola,” Fried said.

While the Green Party does have some members fitting this

description, they also welcome a diverse range of people, according

to Fried.

Musgrave and Kinsey have different views on many issues.

“(Musgrave) doesn’t care about the environment as far as I can

tell and she is a loyal servant of corporate interests,” Fried


Although Fried said that district four might be conservative

overall, he said that many people are dissatisfied with


“I think a lot of people are unhappy with Marilyn,” Fried said.

“Even some conservatives feel she’s a divisive force.”

Musgrave’s Chief of Staff Guy Short disagreed.

“I think the Republican Party is united behind the

congresswoman,” Short said.

Short said that Musgrave would continue to address the issues of

jobs, health care, agriculture and small business.

“The voters will have a clear choice,” Short said.

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