Be helpful citizens

Apr 202004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff


Shandra Jordan

Colleen Buhrer

Willow Welter

J.J. Babb

Saturday, a woman witnessed a man attempt to steal her purse

from her table in the library. From today’s front page story and

from photos from the surveillance video, it seemed she received

little help from fellow students and library employees.

Witnesses of the crime concur that the woman yelled that her

purse was being stolen and yet no one came to help her. Although he

no longer had her purse at that point, that does not mean he should

be left to walk away because he failed. If he isn’t caught, your

purse, computer or cell phone could be next.

We ask all students to look out for one another and come to aide

each other when situations such as these arise.

Students should not, however, place themselves in danger but

should do what they can to help a student in distress. Don’t expect

that someone else will come to the aid of someone in distress. Be

the one to help.

If nothing else, pick up a cell phone and call the police.

It comes down to being a helpful citizen and doing what you

would want people to do in if you were in that situation.

The editorial board hopes the man is apprehended and people

learn from the experience – both in helping other students and not

walking away from your personal belongings in a public place.

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