Apr 192004
Authors: Christiana Nelson

One suspect has been arrested in connection with multiple

stabbings outside a house party at 2804 Redwing Road on Saturday

night, according to Rita Davis, Fort Collins Police Services


Donald Morehead, 29, of Denver, was arrested and charged with

first-degree assault for the stabbings of sophomore CSU students

Tyler Symons and Zach Wagner.

Symons and Wagner were transported to Poudre Valley Hospital by

ambulance near midnight on Saturday.

Symons was released from the hospital and Wagner underwent

surgery and is expected to be released from the hospital on

Wednesday, Symons said.

A third victim, who was cut on the hand, was also transported to

the hospital by ambulance, but the connection between the three

victims has not been released by authorities.

Davis said the investigation has no timeline for completion.

“Other arrests may be pending and other charges may be pending,”

Davis said. “This investigation is ongoing.”

Although an investigation is underway, Symons said he remembers

little of his Saturday night, which began at a party and ended in a


“I just went to this party with my friends and we didn’t even

make it into the house,” said Symons, a landscape architecture

major. “My friend started fighting in the street and I went over to

help him out.”

While Symons does not remember much of what happened – why they

were fighting or who they were fighting against – he does remember

the outcome.

“When it was done I went over to the side and I realized I was

cut,” Symons said.

He had been stabbed in the sternum and slashed across the

stomach, a wound that required 22 staples and two to three hours in

the hospital.

“The cut on my stomach was probably an inch deep,” Symons said.

“It probably hasn’t really hit me yet, my friend’s in the hospital

so that really sucks.”

Symons’ friend Wagner, who was stabbed near his right shoulder

and in his back, was close to death, Symons said.

“He lost five pints of blood,” he said. “Basically my (other)

friend saved his life by applying pressure to his chest.”

On Sunday afternoon, following Wagner’s surgery, Symons visited

his friend in the hospital.

“He was doing better, but he was all drugged up and he was

definitely out of it,” Symons said.

Joan Richard, 54, lives down the street from where the incident

took place. She said it makes her nervous to have serious crime

occurring in the neighborhood where she is raising her junior

high-age children.

“I’m not thrilled about that, but it’s not going to make me move

out,” Richard said. “I don’t mind college students just because

they are college students, but if they behave badly it is

difficult. When they are not good neighbors it is not because they

are students, but it is still difficult.”

Even after telling his parents on Sunday afternoon about the

stabbing and having time to realize his condition, Symons said that

the events of the weekend remain surreal.

“I just got there and it happened,” Symons said. “I’m from

Montana and my parents can’t really get down here quickly. They

might come later this week, but my mom’s pretty upset.”

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