Apr 192004
Authors: Joanna Larez

It’s a sweep for the name Travis in the Residence Hall

Association’s elections for directors of finance and public


Travis Hofmeister was elected director of public relations and

Travis Magwire was elected director of finance.

RHA is an organization focused on addressing the needs of CSU’s

residence hall communities, according to its Web site,


Magwire, senior marketing major, was the only name on the ballot

for director of finance.

“I really want to keep the senate informed about budget,”

Magwire said. “I also want to keep in contact with all the

(residence) hall council treasurers to make sure they are all


Hofmeister, freshman open option seeking business major, was

running against Kristin Jacobs and Amber Stephens.

“I’m very impressed in the number of people running for

positions,” said Thea Rinard, RHA president.

The nominees were each given five minutes on the floor to

present their qualifications and their plans in office. The

speeches were followed by a time to answer questions from the

senate. The senate then held an arguments and discussion session

about the candidates. This was followed by private ballot


Jerrod Kay was elected president on April 5. Megan Daveline will

be next year’s executive vice president and Jenna Griebel will be

the administrative vice president. Kristin Jacobs, Michael Crook,

Christopher Cirelli and Amber Stephens are running for campus

affairs coordinator. The elections for this position will take

place next Monday.

The elections are not held for all positions in one meeting,

which allows people to run for other positions if they did not win

one position, Rinard said. This gives them time for


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