Apr 192004
Authors: Daniel Hallford

Bear Bones, Wildwood Holler! and Dead Water Society will play at

Avogadro’s Number not only to share the love of music, but also to

promote abortion rights. Starting at 9 p.m. today, the music will

be blaring.

“We’ve got soulful rockin’ rhythm and blues, and even a little

country twang,” said Steve Thompson, guitarist for Bear Bones.

Thompson, who is driven by classic rock but also plays jam-based

material, is glad to spread the word about abortion rights.

“(Pro-choice CSU) is a good cause. It’s an issue that there

needs to be a high level of awareness about. It’s really pertinent

to today,” Thompson said. “Music is yet another medium of

communication. We’re sharing an idea through a medium that is

really pure. It should be a nice night of music.”

Along with Bear Bones, Wildwood Holler! will emerge from the

depths of the Fort Collins forest to appear at Avogadro’s Number to

jam and promote abortion rights.

“We’re an acoustic trio that plugs in. We’ll play bluegrass

tunes, but we also are big into the group improvisation thing,” he

said. “We love to play out and share our music, and folks can meet

others that are active in the pro-choice movement, they’ll have a

great time, why shouldn’t they come out?”

Pro-Choice CSU, an active group on campus for the past three

years, is sponsoring the concert. Pro-Choice CSU is hoping to raise

between $500 and $700.

“It is important for us to make the campus and the community

aware of the current state of reproductive rights and the current

threats to reproductive rights,” said Britteny Cioni,

co-chairperson for Pro-Choice CSU. The organization is raising

money to send members to Washington, D.C., on April 25 for a

national march to promote women’s choice.

“It is important to send a clear and strong message to the

current administration and everyone running for office this fall

that we will no longer tolerate the threats to choice,” Cioni


But some people are against the group’s message.

Colorado Right to Life Committee is a branch of the National

Right to Life organization. CRLC is planning to participate in

“Life Chain,” a nationwide anti-abortion event, with its Colorado

segment taking place in Pueblo.

“It’s a very sad, sad thing,” said Colorado Right to Life

Committee President Diane Hochevar, of the benefit concert and the

march on April 25. “It’s hideous that they would march to try and

keep abortion legal. It surprises me that they call themselves


In Larimer County, others continue daily protest against


“We continue to protest, picket and pray at the abortion clinic

two days a week, which is where the damage is being done,” said

Rosemary Van Gorder, Larimer County spokesperson for CRLC.

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