To the Editor:

Apr 182004

This comment is in regard to all the nice weather we’ve been

having recently. With summer just around the corner, it’s time to

get out and enjoy some sun, and I like the outdoors just as much as

the next person, however, I cannot find myself enjoying the good

weather as much as I’d like because of the smoking policy – or lack

thereof on the CSU campus.

I am a non-smoker (and proud of my decision not to smoke). I

don’t appreciate having to walk past smokers every time I enter or

exit a building. I’m not trying to complain, but I would like to

make smokers aware that it is greatly disturbing to me that I have

to hold my breath every time I walk past them. It also makes me

cough and get a headache. Why should I have to sacrifice my health

because of the “poor choice” of others? I propose that we make the

CSU campus smoke-free, just like Fort Collins, which implemented a

smoking ban in restaurants and bars.

Regina Hopkins

Freshman, consumer and family studies

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