Apr 182004
Authors: Christiana Nelson

Three people were taken to Poudre Valley Hospital by ambulance

following a stabbing on Saturday night, according to a Fort Collins

Police Services press release.

Two people suffered serious stab wounds and another person had a

small cut on the hand.

The connection between the victims is under investigation and

the current conditions of the victims are unknown.

Police arrived at the 2800 block of Redwing Road in south Fort

Collins within minutes of a 911 call placed at 11:44 p.m.

The stabbings occurred when people were kicked out of a house

party at 2804 Redwing Road, said Mike Flick, a junior civil

engineering major who witnessed the events from his home across the

street from the party.

“There was a pack of 20 to 30 people in the middle of the street

in this big brawl,” Flick said. “All we saw was the aftermath: one

guy was stabbed really deep on the right shoulder and in the back

someplace and another guy was cut across the belly.”

Flick and his roommate Matt Lawonn pulled the victim with

multiple stab wounds onto their driveway and tried to keep him calm

while their other roommate, Adam Gutschick, a junior accounting

major, called the police.

“There were a lot of people over there, when they opened the

garage door it was packed with people,” Flick said. “We heard that

there were four kegs over there; it was just really out of


According to the press release, dozens of people in the area

were interviewed by police officers and some witnesses were taken

to the police department for additional questioning.

Rita Davis, spokesperson for Fort Collins Police Service, said

the police department will release information pending an


“We have no further information available,” Davis said. “We are

investigating, but there are no details to release at this


Officers closed a portion of Redwing Road on Saturday night

while they collected information pertaining to the stabbings.

Flick and Lawson said police were in the area until just before

5 a.m.

“It was just really intense,” said Lawonn, a sophomore

open-option major.

Anyone with further information on the stabbing is asked to

contact Fort Collins Police Service at 221-6540.

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