To the Editor:

Apr 152004

I feel sorry for the CSU College Republicans. Tuesday, spying

everywhere the stain of yet more partisan graffiti – right wing,

this time – I felt immediately awful for the College Republicans,

because somebody is making them look like utter jerks. And it’s not

the first time.

That first time, I knew those complaints (“Campus Insanity”)

about all that “liberal graffiti” around campus were a con-job;

that it couldn’t have been the College Republicans complaining.

Why? Because they couldn’t be stupid enough to mount such a

bizarre, self-defeating campaign that ignored the fact of the

noxious presence of graffiti, period, in favor of wailing

hysterically that the graffiti was too LIBERAL! I cannot believe

that the College Republicans were upset that CSU’s resident

graffiti-artists don’t share their conservative politics. No, it

couldn’t have been the College Republicans orchestrating that

odiferous kerfuffle; nobody could be that blind to the idiocy that

would indicate.

Now, with that initial controversy dissipated and the school no

longer scoffing at the College Republicans, just when those poor

victims of the prank – the College Republicans themselves – could

hope that they’d left the whole inane episode behind, the dastardly

evildoers struck again, this time spray-painting asinine right-wing

graffiti, and this time with the audacity to sign their latest

defacements with the web-address of the CSU Republicans! Egads, the


I am confident that the College Republicans will take this

chance to unite, not divide, and will join me in renouncing this

latest partisan defacement, declaiming all wanton destruction of

property – public or private, and calling for the strictest

sanctions – the very strictest sanctions, I say – to be taken

against the perpetrators of this most vulgar deed. With their very

name attached to criminal acts committed all over campus, nothing

less than the august reputation of the College Republicans is at


Mike Hobbins

Ph.D. Student

Civil Engineering

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To the Editor:

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Apr 152004

Walking around campus Tuesday, I noticed something new on the

LSC Plaza near the main entrance. Someone had spray painted “Stop

Liberal Graffiti”

I say “someone” because I have no idea who did or would do


Shame on them for blaming someone who they have no idea is

guilty or not. For all they know it could be someone from their own

party, non-CSU students, or maybe you are right being someone from

the extreme liberal end. I do not accept any type of vandalism, and

if the person or people involved in this incident are reading this

would please stop these acts.

Your voice can be heard without destroying Colorado State

property. This vandalism poses a negative vibe towards both

parties. The CSU Young Democrats do not support any forms of

vandalism on campus, and are willing to help clean up.

Ashleigh McBeth

CSU Young Democrats President

Political Science Major

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