Apr 152004
Authors: Taylour Nelson

Nine residence hall and dining services employees were fired

Thursday when Housing and Dining Services’ human resources

department discovered they were using false Social Security


The nine Corbett Hall, Parmlee Hall and Durrell Center employees

were illegal immigrants from Mexico, some of whom worked for CSU

for five years, said Robert Skaggs, supervisor at the Durrell

Center Dining Services.

Then the human resources department informed Residence Hall

Dining services of the employees’ statuses.

“All of a sudden we were notified that a number of individuals

that were working for us did not have the proper paper work,” said

Ronald Pantier, associate director of Residence Hall Dining


Pantier said when employees are hired, a Social Security card

and photo identification are required.

“Up to this point, we’ve taken that as legal identification,” he


Painter added that if they could show the proper paperwork, the

nine employees would be allowed to return to their jobs.

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