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Apr 142004
Authors: Gabriel Dance

With the spring blossoms comes rock. That is not common

knowledge. It may not even hold true most of the time but it

certainly holds true this week as a barrage of excellent music hits

the Fort and surrounding areas.

Friday night Fort Collins favorites On Second Thought are

blowing up the scene at the Aggie. On first thought this band is

excellent live and the shows are always a blast. On second thought,

drinking too much will make the show not cool, so check


Two other shows Friday night worth checking out are Dave Kimball

at Lucky Joe’s and Halden Wofford and the High Beams at Magnus in

Greeley. Kimball is an acoustic guru who has garnered a strong

following at this popular watering hole and the High Beams are a

group of guys getting down to some good old country music so if

you’re into the scene kick up your heels, grab your Wranglers and

don’t wait up for me.

Saturday night is guaranteed to be ill. Listen is performing at

the Aggie. Listen, in the context of that last sentence, is a noun

as opposed to a verb. Listen, in this sentence, is a command issued

to those of you who will be attending the Guaranteed Dope Show

going down at the Fillmore in Denver this same night. Karl Denson’s

Tiny Universe is performing with Soulive in a show that will blow

your eardrums to the window and the wall, ’til the sweat drips down

your forehead. Both of these groups are so talented that they make

most other musicians look like monkeys trying to pound square

blocks into circle holes.

Tuesday night the Fillmore once again plays host to one of the

sicker groups that are rocking right now, The Strokes. True, a lot

of their music might sound similar, but luckily enough that sound

is sweet to the dome.

Last but not least, The Darkness is performing at the Ogden in

Denver on Wednesday night. This band obviously believes in a thing

called love, and when it comes down to it, that’s not such a bad

thing to believe in after all.

So with spring, a musical challenge is issued. Maybe try a new

type of music that you might otherwise not give a chance. If you

dig on rap, try on some rock. If your musical choice happens to be

the ’80s, give the psychedelic ’70s a go. If you happened to hang

your hat on country, feel free to try anything else, you’ll

probably like it more.

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