Apr 142004
Authors: Eric Klamper

It looks like there’s finally a way to get paid for getting

dirty and sleeping in strange places.

CSUrvivor offers people an opportunity to do something

interesting this summer, as well as receive some great prizes and

earn money for their favorite charity. The show is a creation of

the members of the CSU Outing Club, who are brewing the plans to

bring the spin-off of reality television’s “Survivor” here to Fort


“It’s kinda like ‘Survivor,’ but it will have different types of

challenges,” said Zil Boese, Outing Club member and coordinator of

the show. “Things will be more relevant to Colorado and CSU. Plus,

we’re gonna throw in this real big twist at the end.”

The show will be held at an undisclosed location somewhere in

the mountains and will last through the ten days prior to classes

resuming for the Fall 2004 session. Participants will have to

successfully complete different challenges presented to them each

day and survive without the luxuries of modern society. Players can

be eliminated from the competition by being voted off or by

performing poorly.

“Everyone will get a prize just for participating,” Boese said.

“The longer that you stay on the show, the more things you


Prizes are being donated by local businesses and funding for the

show will come from the fundraising efforts of the participants and

from the CSU Outing Club. Each person who wishes to participate is

responsible for raising at least $200 by Aug. 2 and those who are

able to raise the most money are guaranteed a spot on the program.

Everyone who makes the effort to raise money will be incorporated

in the show in some way.

“Each person also gets to represent their favorite charity

during the show,” Boese said. “When the show is over, the charity

that the winner is representing will get the collection of

fundraising money. This should be a very positive experience for

both the students and the community.”

Participants on the show are not strictly limited to CSU

students. Faculty, staff, alumni or even people who are just fans

of CSU are permitted to apply as well.

Plans are currently being made to air half-hour episodes of the

show on CTV. Contestants will have to sleep out in the wilderness

and cope with the Rocky Mountain terrain for the duration of the

show-so those that can’t deal with a little dirt under their

fingernails, or a Starbucks nowhere in sight, need not apply.

But for those who choose adventure over boredom and spontaneity

over repetition, CSUrvivor just might be the perfect challenge.

Contestants on CSUrvivor must sign up before finals week. For

more information or application forms, visit the Web site at

http://lamar.colostate.edu/~hike/csurvivor.html and submit the

required forms to the CSU Outing Club.

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