Apr 142004
Authors: Taylour Nelson

The Associated Students of CSU tabled a bill that would amend

the election code in the ASCSU constitution Wednesday night.

On its first reading bill 3322 stated that the ASCSU

constitution does not outline a formal amendment process or have an

appropriate timeline for appointing the election committee or

election manager.

“In previous elections controversy has come up, and problems

have arisen and people have in one way or another been put in

compromising positions with regard to election rules … I’m not

going to sit on it anymore, this is necessary,” said Jason Huitt,

speaker pro tempore and writer of the bill.

The proposed amendments would clarify election rules that are

unclear in the constitution.

“These (amended) rules would be clearly stated and clearly

specified and there would be no question,” Huitt said.

The proposed changes are to present nominees for the election

committee to the senate four weeks prior to Spring Break;

previously nominees were presented two weeks before Spring


The bill also proposed there be “nine impartial and unbiased

members” of the election committee, clarifying the previous eight

to twelve members.

Presently, when the new ASCSU president and vice president and

new senate members are announced, the previous vice president

chairs the beginning of the meeting. In the event that the previous

vice president is elected president, as Vice President Katie

Clausen has been this year, there is no one to chair the first

committee of the new school year.

The amendment would appoint the Speaker pro tempore of the

previous year to chair the beginning of the committee, until the

new vice president is inaugurated.

Also, the bill would allow the members of the senate to amend

the election code during ASCSU elections in the form of a bill.

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