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Authors: Carmen Filosa

With the month of April being Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Awareness Month, treatment of diseases and availability of services

is important to prevention and awareness.

According to the Quest Diagnostics Web site, a provider of

diagnostic testing, information and services, there are 15 million

new STDs cases in the United States each year.

Deb Morris, health educator for Hartshorn Health Service, said

the health center offers testing, care and treatment for all of the

sexually transmitted diseases through procedures and


“A person diagnosed should follow the advice of the health

provider,” Morris said.

According to Quest Diagnostics, most STDs are easily cured and

treated if they are caught early.

Unfortunately, people do not seek treatment because they are

unaware that they have a disease or they are embarrassed and afraid

of the stigma associated with being diagnosed with a STD.

Morris said antibiotics can be used to treat STDs that are

bacterial infections, including gonorrhea, chlamydia and


“Treatment may be for you to get as healthy as you can,” Morris


Though there will be some costs, Morris said Hartshorn is a good

place to seek treatment because it does offer full treatment.

According to the American Social Health Association, Human

Papillomavirus (HPV) is one of the fastest-growing diseases in the

United States with 5.5 million new cases each year.

Treatment is directed to the changes in the skin or mucous

membrane that is caused by the HPV infection, but there is no known


Infections usually go away by themselves.

Quest Diagnostics advised being aware of symptoms and to get

check-ups such as Pap smears on a regular basis.

Also, getting treated early will not only prevent more serious

complications, but also reduce the spread of STDs.

Planned Parenthood also offers testing and treatment for people

who have been diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease.

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