Apr 132004
Authors: Taylour Nelson

The Albany County, Wyo., Sheriff’s Department is searching for a

CSU student who has been missing since last week.

Daniel Derezinski’s car was found abandoned and unlocked

Thursday on Hermosa Road with the driver-side door open. Hermosa is

a dirt road 18 miles south of Laramie, Wyo., and two and a half

miles off Highway 287, the most direct route from Fort Collins to


Derezinski is a student in his late 30s and is studying for a

doctorate in criminology through the sociology department. He also

taught the research methods lab in the fall 2003 semester.

His friends and family have not seen or talked to him since

April 5, said Lt. Mike Garcia of the Albany County Sheriff’s


The department has searched the area on foot, horseback, by

four-wheelers and by airplane and currently has no leads, Garcia


Derezinski’s friends and family were unaware of him having any

travel plans to Wyoming, Garcia said.

“It’s very odd,” said Lou Swanson, the sociology department

chair. “We really are completely baffled that nothing has turned

up, and (the sheriff’s department) have done complete


Anyone who has information about Derezinski should call the

Albany County Sheriff’s Department at (307) 721-2526 or the Larimer

County Sheriff’s Office at 498-5163.

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