Apr 112004
Authors: Jesse McLain

Investigations continue within Fort Collins Police Services

relating to an officer-involved shooting that occurred at 2:50 a.m.

on Friday at the Stadium Apartments, 2209 W. Elizabeth St.,

according to a press release from Fort Collins Police Services.

Police were called to the scene when a neighbor heard a woman

screaming. Police discovered that the woman was being threatened

with a handgun by her son, 34-year-old Mark Daeschner. The woman

told police her son was suicidal after fleeing the apartment where

he was.

When officers arrived at apartment 208, Daeschner told police

they would have to shoot him and then emerged from his apartment

with a handgun and pointed it towards the officers. Sgt. Richard

Zeigler shot Daeschner in his upper right leg and Daeschner was

then transported to Poudre Valley Hospital and is in stable


It was later determined that Daeschner’s weapon was a BB/pellet

gun. Sgt. Zeigler, Fort Collins police officer for 16 years, was

placed on paid administrative leave. It is Fort Collins Police

Services policy to place an officer under investigation on paid

administrative leave.

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