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Authors: Katrice Thomas

If it weren’t for Halloween, Easter would be the holiday where

people get the most candy. But besides the sweets, what makes

Easter an important holiday? Is it finding the brightly colored

eggs, the Easter Bunny or the church services? Whatever it is,

Easter isn’t a low-key holiday.

Here’s what Easter means to some CSU varsity athletes.

Memory Lane

“Easter has always been a big holiday for my family,” said CSU

heptathlete Cristina Gourdin. “We would go to church in our Sunday

outfits, and then after taking a family picture, we would find the

eggs and our Easter baskets.”

Gourdin isn’t the only one who remembers searching for candy and

the importance of being with family. Guard Vanessa Espinoza, golfer

Stephanie Linnell and running back Marcus Houston also said that

big dinners, candy hunts and big Easter baskets were a tradition in

their home.

“We would always have a big family dinner,” Houston said. “I

remember we would wake up and search for candy that the Easter

Bunny hid.”

“Easter was a really big event,” Linnell said. “We would wake up

in the morning, and get our basket, and we would have a hunt inside

the house. Then we went to church, and after that we would go to

grandma’s house to have brunch with the entire family. Cousins,

grandparents, aunts, uncles and then we had a really big hunt

outside with all my cousins.”

Why is Easter important?

Gourdin: It’s a family holiday. I love getting together with my

family sitting down to eat, talk and have fun.

Houston: I celebrate Easter because of the spiritual connection;

it’s the resurrection of Christ. And it’s an opportunity to be with


Espinoza: I think all holidays are an opportunity to spend time

with family, the ones you love and care about. That is the most

important thing.

Linnell: I celebrate it because it’s the day that Jesus Christ

was risen and sent to heaven.

Easter plans?

Gourdin: I think (my family and I) are having brunch with about

nine or 10 family members, and my Mom is still hiding the Easter


Houston: Church, and then I am going to my parents’ house to eat

a big dinner. But unfortunately the Easter bunny will not be hiding

any candy.

Espinoza: I am going to Ashley Venekamp’s house. This is the

first holiday that I haven’t spent with my family so it’s kind of

weird, but they are like my second family.

Linnell: I live in Seattle, but I am spending Easter with my

boyfriend and his family. We are having brunch, going to church and

Saturday we dyed Easter eggs.

Favorite Easter candy?

Gourdin: I think I like them all, except jellybeans. But when I

was little my favorite candy was Peeps.

Houston: Cadbury Eggs

Espinoza: Russell Stover strawberry-filled eggs.

Linnell: Robin Eggs, you can lick them and the color sticks to

your lips like lipstick. Pink was the color when I was little.

The reason for celebrating Easter for these athletes varies from

person to person, but all seem to have two things in common: eggs

and the candy. “It’s like Thanksgiving,” Linnell said “It’s not so

much about the presents like Christmas is, but it’s all about the

food and being with the family.”

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