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Apr 072004
Authors: Gabriel Dance

The coming week gives us the opportunity to support not only

young local talent, but also world-famous acts – awesome


Tonight, go check out The Motet with Analog Quartet at the

Starlight in Old Town Fort Collins. Really, this group is an

incredible talent with more improv ability than you can shake a

stick at, and if you’re still shaking sticks at things then get

back to the Stone Age, yo. On their Web site the group points out

that trying to define their sound is a difficult task. They do note

their “lively Latin jazz textures, well-placed dirty funk grooves,

stellar West African and Cuban drum rhythms and rocking up tempo

sax work.” The adjectives in that last sentence include “lively,”

“dirty funk,” “stellar” and “rocking.” If that doesn’t make you

want to go to the show, then you probably like Yanni.

You know who else doesn’t like Yanni? Presidential candidate

Dennis Kucinich, that’s who. And if there weren’t already enough

reasons to check out The Motet, Kucinich will be speaking at 9 p.m.

at the Starlight preceding the show. Rock the vote and check it


And if you are a woman over the age of, let’s say, 30, then your

heartthrob is in town tonight. That’s right ladies, gravel-voice

himself Rod Stewart is performing at the Pepsi Center tonight. The

man is old and still dates young supermodels. Way to go.

Friday night check out George’s August Brew live at Diamonds.

The group won The Scene Magazine Battle of the Bands and hasn’t

stopped rocking since.

The hip-hop scene has recently seen a new emcee bring his game

to another level. Kanye West, who’s been layin’ ill beats for some

time now, is the main rapper on his debut CD “The College Dropout.”

The CD is sick. Quality songs invade the disc and West proves that

his producing abilities are on point. If the man can perform live

anything like he does on his CDs then this show will be off the


And for all of the 16-year-old readers, your dream has

officially come true. America’s second (or third) favorite idol,

Clay Aiken, will be performing with America’s first (or second)

favorite idol Kelly Clarkson Tuesday at the Pepsi Center. This is

an all-ages show but expect the demographics to be girls aged 10 to

16 and dirty old men.

I’m out.

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