To the Editor:

Apr 072004

Mayor Martinez’s community service “award” was given to Ben

Goldstein. I spoke with the mayor immediately following his speech.

He said to me that the award is given at intermittent intervals to

community members who are dedicated to community service and who

“do not seek the limelight.” This award was given to Mr. Goldstein

on the Lory Student Center Plaza at noon on Tuesday. This much is

indisputable fact.

The pillar of the Katie and Ben campaign has been their

experience, particularly pertaining to the establishment of

RamRide. Ben has made no secret of his involvement in the creation

of RamRide and has taken his well-deserved indulgence of credit in

its success. This too is indisputable fact, ask Ben or Katie


I say this “award” says Mr. Martinez is corrupt of his morals.

His “award” is nothing more than a promotion for himself and the

Katie and Ben campaign. Let me explain: His “award” is given to

individuals who “do not seek the limelight” for their efforts, in

Mayor Martinez’s own words. Why then has he given this prestigious

award to Ben Goldstein, who has been taking full credit for RamRide

(among others)? Furthermore, why was this award given during the

height of Associated Students of CSU elections? Put two and two

together. Why has he made a farce of one of the Office of the

Mayor’s most prestigious awards? This was an act of self-promotion

for which this award is meant to counter. Mr. Martinez and Ben

Goldstein have lost all credibility in my eyes, and I think the

beautiful city of Fort Collins is worse for it.

I oppose any re-election. This letter won’t even be printed

until after elections have concluded, so my main purpose is not to

appeal to voters.

This whole episode is why politics destroy the system of

democracy: selling-out.

Ross Knippenberg

Junior, economics

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To the Editor:

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Apr 072004

At noon on Tuesday a CSU student was honored by Dr. Kuk, the

vice president for Student Affairs, and Mayor Ray Martinez and for

being an exemplary citizen of the Fort Collins community. This

student was Ben Goldstein.

Most people know that Ben is currently running with Katie

Clausen for Associated Students of CSU president/vice president.

However, his being honored had nothing to do with the campaign. As

the director of RamRide, Ben helped to implement a program that

makes Fort Collins a safer place by giving intoxicated students a

safe ride home and for this he was honored.

Ben was presented the award on the Lory Student Center Plaza and

instead of respecting Ben, Dr. Kuk and Mayor Martinez, the other

candidates continued to campaign. They talked while the mayor

talked. They walked directly in front of the podium to hand out

campaign propaganda. It was rude.

They only campaigns that actually stopped handing stuff out were

Katie and Ben and Dave and Mike.

As a student of CSU, I want the ASCSU representatives to be an

accurate representative of the student body and myself. I would

hope that they would have respect to act appropriately in public

settings. I don’t want a candidate who believes in winning at all

costs, even if it means disrespecting a fellow student and the


Congratulations Ben, you’ve earned my vote.


Bo Bandy

Senior, technical journalism

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