She’s movin’ up!

Apr 072004
Authors: Adrienne Hoenig

Cheers and tears replaced tension Wednesday night as Katie

Clausen and Ben Goldstein were named Associated Students of CSU

president and vice president for the 2004-2005 school year.

“We fought every day as if we were behind,” said Clausen,

currently ASCSU vice president.

With the eight presidential and vice presidential candidates and

their nerves filling the ASCSU Senate Chambers, there was barely

room for the throngs of supporters. Minutes before the results were

announced, vice president-elect Goldstein said he was filled with

“healthy nervousness.”

Once the results were in, his nervousness was replaced with


“I am just ecstatic about the outcome,” Goldstein said.

Clausen and Goldstein attributed their success to a strong

network of supportive friends.

“I am so appreciative of all the people who helped,” Goldstein

said. “Not only did they help us win, they were the support we


Clausen and Goldstein pulled in 2,479 votes, nearly half of the

5,105 votes received. Trailing closest behind were Dustin Zvonek

and Kyle McCarthy with 1,680 votes. Zvonek and McCarthy thought the

race would be tighter.

“There was about an 800-vote margin,” Zvonek said. “I’m very


Clausen felt the same.

“I didn’t expect a margin like that at all,” Clausen said.

Brittany Burke and Kristen Schowe ran neck-in-neck with David

Hoff and Mike Bystrom at 472 and 406 votes, respectively. Schowe

was disappointed with the results, but she does not regret


“We had a good time and we tried and hopefully some of our

efforts were heard,” Schowe said. “I’m OK with it.”

This year’s election brought almost 25 percent of students to

the polls, a step up from last year’s 17.6 percent. About 23.7

percent of students eligible to vote marked their ballot with a

presidential candidate.

“It’s awesome that we got 24.2 percent (voter turnout),”

Goldstein said. “I really want to commend the other tickets, they

did a great job and worked hard to help us get to almost 25


Students voted on RAMweb and voter turnout was helped along by

the fact that it coincided with the beginning of fall registration.

Outgoing ASCSU President Jesse Lauchner was also glad to see voter

totals on the rise.

“I think you see the hard work of four big tickets during the

campaign,” Lauchner said.

Elections Manager Nathan Steinberg was pleased with the way the

candidates promoted voting and handled themselves during the


“Except for a few rough spots, (the election) ran a lot better

than we expected it to,” Steinberg said. “At the end, everyone kept

their eyes on the gold more than on the other people.”

Lauchner is expecting nothing but the best from next year’s


“Katie’s my vice president this year and Ben was in charge of

executing the most important program,” Lauchner said. “I have no

doubt they will take everything we did and take it to the next


In other action Wednesday night, the ASCSU Senate:

* Referred changes to grievance procedures to be looked over by

the Student Empowerment Committee.

* Sent a resolution for double-sided printing to the

Environmental Committee for review.

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