To the Editor:

Apr 062004

In Tuesday’s paper, Brent Ables’ column entitled “Russia’s

Struggle with Democracy” was factually incorrect at a particular

part that may seem insignificant.

However small it may be, it has a larger effect and can be

devastating in many ways due to ignorance. The part, which I am

referring to, is when Ables sites that there are three communist

nations remaining, that is untrue. He should have done some

research so that he could have accurately informed the readers.

The other two countries he is missing are Vietnam and Laos. I

believe that it is important to not make this mistake by assuming

what one knows because it is these types of negations that have

allowed these communist countries to get away with crimes of

humanity that have affected human rights and religious freedom. If

we let these countries commit these crimes because of our

unawareness, the communists can and will continue to get away with

it, which will result in the suffering of many people, directly or



Van Thanh Le

Junior, political science

 Posted by at 5:00 pm

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