Apr 062004
Authors: Adrienne Hoenig

Fall 2004 registration has not yet been a victim of budget cuts

at CSU.

“We do not have fewer (classes),” said Kevin Oltjenbruns, vice

provost for undergraduate studies. “A couple of months ago, when we

were not sure of next year’s budget cuts, people were


With recent budget-cut scares, there has been talk of classes

being cut to save money. CSU officials said they are trying to make

sure that does not happen.

“There may be some departments where they’ve had to cut back a

little,” said Keith Ickes, associate vice president for

Administrative Services. “There are going to be some reductions but

I don’t think they’re going to be very obvious to most


The exact outcome will not be finalized until the state budget

is approved by the Colorado legislature. Oltjenbruns is expecting

CSU to have a flat budget, meaning the amount of money received

will not change.

“We still do not know the final outcome,” Oltjenbruns said. “If

the budget would turn out to be flat next year we would plan on

about the same number of sections.”

Class sections that are cut are usually compensated for by an

increase in the existing class-section size.

“There may be one less section of a class but the classes that

are being taught are fairly larger,” Ickes said.

Registration began March 29. So far, some students are not

having trouble finding class sections.

“So far it seems to be just perfect,” said Julie Bennett, a

junior apparel and merchandising student. “I haven’t had any


Bennett said cutting class sections would put a big crimp in her


“I’d be afraid if they cut I would have a hard time trying to

fit electives into my schedule,” she said.

Oltjenbruns and Ickes do not foresee any major changes in

scheduling at CSU, but they cannot be sure just yet.

“The state isn’t predicting a real increase nor are they

predicting a real decrease,” Oltjenbruns said. “Until we really,

really find out the budget outcome, none of us can say


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