To the Editor:

Apr 052004

In Friday’s paper Mike and I were quoted as saying that we did

not know what our first order of business would be upon entering

office. It cannot be proven that we said this.

From the get-go it has always been our priority to establish an

Office of Diversity that would oversee and coordinate the efforts

of individual student offices like APASS, Black Student Services

and Non-Traditional Student Services, for example. Mike and I feel

that this campus severely lacks diversity and that by coordinating

efforts these offices will be able to support and promote diversity

more effectively on our campus.

David Hoff

ASCSU presidential candidate

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To the Editor:

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Apr 052004

I think your paper did an excellent job with the Sexual Assault

Awareness Month.


Ray Martinez, Mayor

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To the Editor,

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Apr 052004

The April 2 guest column by Nick Arhos made me laugh. “Kerry is

even willing to use the horrific tragedy of the Sept. 11, 2001,

attacks”? If I heard the recent news correctly, Bush is the one

using shots of Ground Zero in his ads and infuriating the families

of the victims, both Democrat and Republican. Maybe Nick should

have proofread his article for contradictions.

Nick claims he won’t seek public office unless politics somehow

becomes more civil, yet he wants Republicans to get “downright

nasty” and “crush every liberal who doesn’t get out of the way”?

Doesn’t seem to me like the best light in which to present your

political party. It’s great knowing that conservatives like Nick

Arhos feel that “crushing” those who believe differently than they

do is the way to win an election. Instead of tearing opposing sides

down, why not invest time and money into building your own argument

up? At this point, Bush should rethink “crushing” Kerry and work on

scraping the grime off his tarnished reputation.

Monique Pawlowski

Junior, creative writing

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