Apr 042004
Authors: John Teten

Tonight the madness ends. The hysteria comes to a close. Another

season of college basketball screeches to a halt.

There will be no more bracket busting or Cinderella stories.

Sure the boys of summer are ready to inhabit ballparks around the

country and the Nuggs are fightin’ for a playoff spot, but it’s not

quite the same.

Watching a sneaker-laced prima donna sulk over a contract that

could buy half of Antarctica or a juiced-up muscle head rearrange

his jock strap is fun, but it’s no match for what the tourney

provides. Only in the tourney do you get the chance to see a

business finance major with a 3.5 GPA dive for a loose ball or the

dudes rocking the trumpets soak up any second of television time

they get.

Moments after the ramblin’ wreck and the boys from Storrs

(Connecticut) end their season – for some, their basketball careers

– CBS will give us all a little taste of heaven.

Pizza-filled fans across the nation will sit on their couches in

silence while offered a chance to relive March’s magical moments to

an ear-stimulating version of “One Shining Moment.”

It’s during these five or so minutes that tears, goose bumps and

cheek-hurting smiles are not just allowed, but expected.

The student-athletes, cheerleaders, coaches and band members who

are included in the piece are a part of the few lucky individuals

to have their lives put to music.

Don’t try to tell me you haven’t desired a “life


How rad would it be if you could strut out of Clark in slow-mo

with the wind rustling through your hair with “Don’t Fear the

Reaper” or something cool like that guiding your steps? Everyone

turns in awe and watches as your swagger keeps in time with the


These kids are lucky, they get that opportunity. Millions of

people are standing in awe of what they just accomplished.

Last year it was ‘Melo’s toothy smile that was plastered

throughout the clip. This year, Emeka or B.J. Elder? Tonight we’ll


What makes this game so special is that the athletes play with

their hearts and the chance to live even one day with a


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