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Apr 042004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

By:Shandra Jordan

Daniel Byers

Nicole Davis

Christopher J. Ortiz

Today is the first day of Associated Students of CSU elections

if you haven’t already noticed from all the signs, banners,

flowers, root beer and flyers.

The Collegian editorial board met with each of the four

presidential candidates last week. The board made the decision to

not endorse any particular ticket, partly because one of the

candidates, Brittany Burke, was a reporter for us before she chose

to run. Instead we would like to talk about how we felt about each

of the ticket’s platforms.

For the Dustin and Kyle ticket, we liked their experience. They

discussed the problems they have seen within ASCSU and they seemed

to offer a different type of leadership. They’re biggest platform

point is Dead Week. We like the idea of not having new material

during the final week of classes, but we do question how realistic

this idea can be. It seems too much like a high school election

where a ticket is offering a longer lunch period to win votes.

Their ideas on improving RamRide seem strong and concrete and we

like their idea of not using $30,000 of student fees to support the

sober ride program, as it is now. They instead will apply for

grants and get business donations to operate the program. Dustin

has interned at the state Capitol and seems very competent and

knowledgeable on legislative issues facing higher education.

Dave and Mike are definitively the outside ASCSU ticket wanting

to change things within ASCSU. They really emphasized changing

ASCSU to make it more accountable to student constituents. They

don’t have any ASCSU experience between them, but as they said,

they are using that disadvantage to their advantage.

They want to appeal to students by relating to them. They are

the non-involved ticket trying to appeal to non-involved students.

Every year you can count on a ticket running on the same platform,

but it never succeeds.

They said they offer a fresh perspective on student government,

having not being involved previously. They seem to want to change

things for the better for students who may not care or know about

ASCSU – the good ‘ol boys club as they like to call it. Though they

may have a fresh perspective, ASCSU has a lot of wheels already in

motion with RamRide and other programs, and we worry about a ticket

without previous experience taking office and having a longer

learning curve that may delay improving programs.

The Katie and Ben ticket seems very much like a re-election

ticket with Katie being vice president this year and running for

president for next year. If voters are looking for prior

experience, this ticket has the most – whether that is a good or

bad thing. They represent a good balance of talents. Ben, being the

director of student services, has gotten his feet wet with RamRide

so he seems to be the ideal catalyst to improve it next year. Katie

knows the ins and outs of ASCSU operations, and their platform is

filled with achievements from this year and how they are going to

improve those achievements next year.

They did not emphasize connecting with students as the other

tickets did. We are a bit reserved about the ticket because at

times it seems Katie and Ben are more concerned with improving

ASCSU than they are with improving student life at CSU.

Burke and Showe showed the most enthusiasm about running for

president and vice president. Even in the two weeks of campaigning,

their knowledge about ASCSU, the student fee structure and CSU in

general has shown commitment and promise. But again we feel their

biggest liability is not having past experience. We would hate to

see programs delayed or not improved because of a lack of


The ticket had the most innovative platform ideas, including the

student outreach director and the Rams Corps idea. We do a see

problems they may run into trying to get some of their ideas into

place, though. They don’t let their lack of experience slow them

down, however, and they seem very eager to help students and

excited to be running.

In general, looking at the four platforms, the candidates seem

to borrow and share a lot of ideas, including creating a director

of diversity within ASCSU and working with the city to put up CSU

banners around town. We urge students to really consider each of

the candidate’s platforms and decide which ticket addresses issues

that are important to them.

We hope ideas, not slogans, t-shirts or flowers, attract your

vote this election.

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