Apr 042004
Authors: Dave, Mike

From the beginning we have been misrepresented and misquoted. We

have been portrayed as insincere not only by the Associated

Students of CSU, but also by the campus media, including the

Collegian. This is a fallacy. We are willing, dedicated, and

honest. Our opponents fear that the majority of students might

speak out for once and elect those that truly represent them. Let

us tell you a little about what we have done, and what we would

like to do.

We have spoken with local restaurants and bars and we have

secured incentives for RamRide volunteers. This is the first step

in expanding this great program to include weekdays and holidays.

We have spoken with lawyers about the feasibility of hard liquor at

the Ramskeller and beer at Moby arena. This will not only increase

student participation in events, but also provide another source of

revenue during these times of budget crises. We are speaking with

construction companies and the city about parking solutions. We are

working to create an Office of Diversity to oversee advocacy

offices and ensure and increase the promotion and support of

diversity on a campus that lacks it.

More importantly, we know what it is like to work for a living.

All of our campaign materials have been created and funded by us.

Anyone who needs proof of that can go see our sign and our ‘ghetto’

t-shirts. We cannot afford to buy your vote with flowers and leis

as other tickets attempt to. We appeal to the student body as the

rational choice for student government. We appeal to the common

student because that’s who we are, and that’s whom we care about.

We work for everything we have and take nothing for granted. This

is how we will operate once in office. We will work hard, we will

be held accountable for our actions, and we will tell you the

truth. We can’t create change without your help, so get out and

vote this week. This election could be the turning point for our

university. Don’t allow it to fall behind. Make the smart choice

CSU, vote for your interests. Dave & Mike 2004.

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