Apr 042004

Passion. Experience. Dedication. Ram Pride. These four qualities

describe what students vote for when they vote today for Katie and

Ben. We believe that our combination of qualities will best

represent the student interests.

Sir Issac Newton said, “If I have seen farther than others, it

is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants.” The Associated

Students of CSU took many new steps this year, including adding

positions to the executive cabinet in an effort to be more

representative of all students, starting the RamRide program,

bringing the “Go Rams!” shirts to athletic events, as well as many

more programs that are on the verge of greatness. Katie served as

vice president and Ben as the director of Student Services this

year when these programs were launched. Next year, we will see

farther and do more by building on the foundations already in

place, by improving on the programs begun this year.

We know that students care about a wide range of issues, and we

want to address as many of these as we can. We believe our platform

is the most comprehensive and attainable. In fact, we have already

begun working with the administration, as well as city and state

officials, to make those visions a reality.

Our platform is summarized by the acronym SMART. Each letter

stands for a series of ideas that, when implemented, will improve

CSU for current undergraduate and graduate students as well as

alumni. Student programs lead the list, including expanding the

opportunities to participate in leadership programs. Money,

including the use of tuition and fees, is also a concern to us.

Student fee allocations must be closely overseen, and information

about the use of these fees must be readily available. Academics,

while it is the third issue addressed, it is certainly not the

third concern of CSU students. We want to work with individual

colleges to help streamline the advising process and help you

graduate in four years. Ride discusses transportation issues that

face students every day. A shuttle system to Denver International

Airport would reduce driving and parking headaches for you around

breaks. Traditions are where Ram Pride is built, and we want to

work to increase traditions on campus, including having rally

towels for home athletic events. These are just a few of our many


When elected, we can put our extensive ASCSU and CSU experience

to work for the student body. Collectively, we have seven years of

hands-on experience. As respected leaders on campus, administrators

often look to us as the voice of the students. It takes time to

build respectful relationships, and given the short amount of time

that we have in office, the bonds will help us bring to life the

visions already included in our platform, as well as those that

students share with us.

More information about what we want to do for you is available

on our Web site at www.katieandben.com. We look forward to serving

you next year. Vote SMART and GO RAMS!

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