Apr 042004

We believe that leadership is the ability to take an

organization from one place to a better place and then being proud

of the path we took to get there. This ideal should be central to

all campaigns, but we are the only ticket that has the leadership

qualities and experience combined with new initiatives and a

positive message that will truly improve every student’s experience

at CSU.

Dustin for the past year has served as director of academics,

where he has worked along with the Senate Academics Committee,

Faculty Council and the Provost/Academic Vice President’s office to

tackle a variety of issues that include standardizing the use of

the plus/minus grading system, improving the format of first-year

seminars as well as academic advising. However, it is his

experience with the Colorado state legislature that sets him apart

from all other presidential candidates. Dustin serves as a

legislative intern for a member of the Joint Budget Committee,

where he has become well versed with the state fiscal situation and

its impacts at CSU. His knowledge of these issues will make him the

best president to navigate the political arena effectively and be

the best advocate for the students.

In addition to two years on the Associated Students of CSU

Supreme Court, this year Kyle has served as an associate senator

for the College of Liberal Arts, director of operations for

RamRide, as well as a member of the Student Fee Review Board. Kyle

understands how to lead a legislative body that produces results

and represents students effectively. As director of operations for

RamRide, Kyle has first-hand experience with the types of student

services students can expect and enjoy from ASCSU and what steps

need to be taken to improve them.

However, experience alone will not take us where we need to go.

While we must stay committed to improving the current services of

ASCSU, such as RamRide, Ram Road Trip, Book Swap and Positive

Impact. We must continually strive to pave the way for new ideas

that will enable your student government to progress. Something new

you can expect from our administration is Dead Week. The Dead Week

we want to bring to CSU is the same type seen at other universities

across the country. We envision this as the week before finals

where students are not offered new content, papers, quizzes or

regular coursework, but rather have a week dedicated to review only

for more adequate finals preparation. We will work with the

students of Colorado State as well as the faculty to find a Dead

Week that will benefit students and will work at CSU.

April 7 marks the end of elections, but the beginning of an

administration that will remain committed to seeking out the

student voice on issues ranging from tuition and fees to parking.

To realize this vision we need the endorsement of every student.

When you log on to vote, understand that there are four options,

but only one choice.

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