Apr 042004
Authors: Collegian Staff

Burke and Schowe offer a new perspective with a new approach. We

believe new leadership is needed to ensure that students are able

to express their issues and concerns with the Associated Students

of CSU.

Student unification and representation is at the heart of our

platform. Resource allocation, student connectivity, transit and

student representation are four main areas in which we hope to

better CSU.

Resource allocation details funding, the liaison process and Ram

Corps. We will examine the current process of student fee

allocation and determine if a re-implementation of the long bill

would be more efficient. The long bill would determine the funding

for each student organization for the entire year and would, in

hopes, better serve the needs of the student organizations. We also

want to examine and redefine the liaison process to help the

student organizations. With a refined liaison process, student

organizations will be better equipped to address the student fee

board for funding.

We also want to implement a new and detailed idea called Ram

Corps. This “corps” of volunteers would consist of student

organization members and other students. Because of the lack of

funding, Ram Corps would give student organization members or

volunteers the chance to proactively help out other student

organizations while either gaining funds or manpower for


Student connectivity directly involves informing the student

body. We want to create the position of a student outreach

director. This person would be visible on campus with the

enthusiasm we have seen during campaigning, informing the students

of current issues in ASCSU, while also taking note of the issues

students are having. Advising needs to take precedence now that the

freshmen seminars have been changed, and we need to have a

structured mentoring system throughout individual colleges and

residence halls.

Transit and parking are issues involving every CSU student. We

want to limit the parking pass times in the Moby Arena parking lot

9 a.m. to 2 p.m. This would allow students to use Moby parking to

go to the Campus Recreation center without worry of a ticket. We

also want to implement a plan to pave land that CSU already owns

south of Prospect Road and work with Transfort to shuttle students

to campus.

We also want to re-examine the expensive contract with Transfort

to make sure the price paid reflects the amount used.

Representation is of the utmost importance. We need ASCSU to

make a stronger connection with the students of CSU. By better

informing the student body, students will be more able to use their

leaders to make sure their time at CSU is a pleasant one. What

students are informed about will determine what they are involved

in. Education is key.

We want to bring the pieces of CSU together by informing and

involving the entire student body. By voting for us, the leadership

of ASCSU will truly represent the views and issues important to the

broad and diverse puzzle that is CSU. The Burke and Schowe ticket

is the missing piece of that puzzle.

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