Voting for ASCSU

Apr 012004
Authors: Chris Kampfe

Voting for Associated Students of CSU presidential and

senatorial elections starts Monday and runs through Wednesday at 3


For the second year, the Associated Students of CSU and Academic

Computing and Networking Services (ACNS) will be joining forces to

allow students to vote for a candidate quickly through RAMweb.

Though this is the second year of RAMweb, it is the third year

that CSU students have had the opportunity to vote online. The

first attempt at online voting was “Ram the Vote,” which was

operated through CSU by an outside computer agency.

Prior to online voting, ballots were taken manually in boxes

outside the Clark Building.

Last year nearly 18 percent of students voted in the elections,

but ASCSU is hoping for a better turnout this year.

“The goal for this year has been set at 25 percent,” said Brandi

Johnson, director of marketing for ASCSU. “Obviously that’s up to

voter turnout.”

Some changes students will see in RAMweb voting this year are

links to the candidates’ Web sites on the RAMweb page, as well as

an absence of survey questions on the site.

“It’s much more cost effective and safe to have it on RAMweb,”

Johnson said.

Students will be able to access the voting link on RAMweb

Monday, and the results will be announced in the ASCSU Senate

Chambers Wednesday evening after the ASCSU Senate concludes its


The importance of voting and the position the ASCSU president

holds are issues current ASCSU President Jesse Lauchner believes

are very valuable, and even students who think their vote does not

count or do not care should take a second look.

“I challenge every student to take two or three minutes out of

their day and drop the ‘I don’t care’ attitude,” Lauchner said. “I

can’t stress how important the position really is.”

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