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Apr 012004
Authors: Compiled Ben Bleckley

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Brittany Burke and Kristen Schowe


Vote for them because . . .

“We are outside of ASCSU. A lot of people see that as a weakness

because we didn’t create RamRide or a lot of the other programs

this year. But we have the passion to go in and change things.”

First action in office will be . . .

Create position of director of student advocacy to inform

students of what is going on in ASCSU.

Running because . . .

“We feel that ASCSU has all the connections, they just aren’t

putting them together. They’re smart and they do have the

experience, but we feel that we have experience, too, because we’ve

been involved on campus the last three years.”

Katie Clausen and Ben Goldstein

Senior and Junior

Vote for them because . . .

“We bring the most experience to the table coupled with the most

thought-out and comprehensive platform.”

First action in office will be . . .

Filling cabinet positions.

Running because . . .

“We both have a lot of passion for serving the community, we

both have a lot of ambition and we see a lot of room for

improvement and want a chance at doing that.”

Dave Hoff and Mike Bystrom


Vote for them because . . .

“We’re fresh faces and we represent the majority of the student

body. We work, we’re more typical than most of the people already

involved in ASCSU.”

First action in office will be . . .

“Being inexperienced in terms of all the procedures, I really

don’t know what I would do.”

Running because . . .

“To give a voice to all the people who usually don’t vote. One

of our main goals, besides winning the election, is to get more

people aware of what goes on (in ASCSU).”

Dustin Zvonek and Kyle McCarthy


Vote for them because . . .

“We’re going to bring a new kind of leadership that is going to

move the organization forward and take it to a better place.”

First action in office will be . . .

Creating “Dead Week,” the week before finals. It will have no

required classes, but professors will offer reviews.

Running because . . .

“We want to change the culture of ASCSU and make it more open to


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