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Mar 312004
Authors: Gabriel Dance

It would be appropriate to say that the music for the upcoming

week should be “off the hook.”

Perhaps further explanation is expected. Listen to this-and try

to keep up-’cause there’s a lot of exciting information involved.

If you need to reread to further digest, that’s understandable.

Tonight and Friday night, the Aggie Theatre is presenting two

shows that cater to similar palettes. This evening Yonder Mountain

String Band takes the stage and Friday night Keller Williams will

amaze enthusiasts with his guitar skills.

Yonder is a bluegrass group, well respected in their genre and

Williams is an amazing instrumentalist with a catchy vibe and the

ability to imitate a sound almost exactly like a trumpet with his

voice. Sound interesting? Then go to the show and check it out. It

is interesting, by the way.

Sunday night hosts a show that is being awarded the “Guaranteed

Dope Show” stamp of approval; only the second time this award has

been given all year. Performing at the Fillmore Auditorium in

Denver is N.E.R.D. and the Black Eyed Peas. This is perhaps one of

the hottest shows on tour right now.

N.E.R.D. is the alter-ego of the Neptunes. The Neptunes are the

bomb and surely their self-described alter-ego is equally as dope.

The Black Eyed Peas are nothing to shake your tail feather at

either. Actually, since shaking your tail feather is dancing, you

should shake ’em at this band too. Catch that?

Wu-tang clan ain’t nothing to … um … mess with. Seriously

don’t mess with these guys, or Ol’ Dirty will probably put you

down-and that would suck. They’re performing Monday night at

Cervantes in Denver. Pssst. Don’t tell anybody, but Ghostface Killa

is gonna be IN THE HOUSE.

Wednesday night, return to the Aggie for some good ol’ hippity

hop. Check out J-Live, People Under the Stairs and Oddjobs. People

Under the Stairs have been dropping jaws and lighting mics on fire

for several years now and any show with them is one worth catching

for sure.

Hopefully you can absorb the realm of possibilities that lie in

store for the upcoming week. They are vast and varied, venturing

from the yonder mountains to the top of the charts and leaving a

wake of heady listeners and hopped-out hipsters, and that should be

music to anybody’s ears.

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