To the Editor:

Mar 312004

I am the father of a current CSU student and have occasion to

read your publication.

Being a sports fan, I enjoy reading your take on sports. I have

been enjoying it even more as of late. I have been reading articles

about sports that we rarely hear about – stories about ultimate

Frisbee, women’s volleyball, lacrosse and underwater hockey.

Your sports writer, Peter Scalia, seems to be covering not only

” the big sports” but he’s also covering these less popular sports.

Kudos to him and to you for printing his work.

Mr. Scalia brings historical insight to his writing and taught

me more about CSU lacrosse (in particular) than I ever knew. Mr.

Scalia is thorough, enlightening and not the same old sports writer

– give him the big sports, too. Teach me more and keep giving Mr.

Scalia the assignments that showcase his excellent writing

abilities. Keep up the good work!



Johnny Bornmann

Father of a CSU student

 Posted by at 6:00 pm

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