Random Ram – Andy Vogel

Mar 312004
Authors: Gabriel Dance

When Andy Vogel, junior finance major, decided to study abroad

in New Zealand, he knew that he was in for the experience of a

lifetime. Whitewater rafting, mountain climbing and hiking were all

on his agenda. However, when backpacking through a small south

island town with his New Zealand friend David, the vacation got an

unexpected lift.

“We were hiking into town and we were looking for a ride to our

hostel,” Vogel said. “David was an avid dirt biker so he struck up

a conversation with a couple of guys on dirt bikes that we met not

too far into town. We were hoping they would give us a ride.”

Well the guys sure did get a ride, but not exactly on the back

of the dirt bikes.

“So the two guys park their bikes and walk across the street to

a gas station,” Vogel said. “We had been drinking some on the way

into town so we were a little confused by what happened next.”

What happened next was the two New Zealand natives, or Kiwis,

jumped into a Mercedes that was parked at the station and pulled

across the street to pick up Vogel and David. Being a little

inebriated, and more than a little confused, Vogel asked no

questions and jumped in the ride with his friend.

“Well, we definitely hadn’t gotten far before we realized the

car was stolen,” Vogel said. “But, by that point we were a little

too nervous to say anything about it.”

The Kiwis didn’t seem too nervous though, in fact, one of them

turned around and told Vogel and David that they had to make a

quick pit stop before dropping them off at their hostel.

“We were like … um OK,” Vogel said.

It turned out that one of the biker’s girlfriend’s worked at a

nearby strip club and before they knew it they had pulled in front

of the club and a half-naked girl had jumped into the car between

Vogel and David.

In a high-pitched, Kiwi accent the girl asked, “Where’s this car


“It’s sweet, love,” responded her boyfriend, implying that

everything was all right. “We’ll take this to the ferry tonight and

by this time tomorrow be in a pub in Auckland.”

Vogel and David exchanged nervous glances but stayed silent. The

driver then hightailed it to the hostel where Vogel, David and the

other biker jumped out of the car leaving just the driver and his


“The next morning James (the other biker) walked back to his

bike with no explanation for his friend,” Vogel said. “It was


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